Crawl Ahead is an invention by Amir Burstien
M.A., PT (Pediatrics)

“My goodness! She is really crawling for the first time. It’s a miracle.”

There she was again, my little patient—- (18 months old) Briana—-collapsed on the floor and getting nowhere fast.

As a Pediatric Physical Therapist, I knew that if I didn’t get Briana crawling soon, her tiny arms and legs would wither, her neuro-muscular circuits would never mature, and her developmental delays would be permanent. I had seen many children like Briana. But there was a ray of hope.

When I cradled Briana in my hand, balancing her just above the floor, she began to move her arms and legs…..first tentatively, then with ever greater vigor. I experimented. By tilting my hand—-forward and backward—-I could get Briana to use her weakened muscles, as she struggled to balance herself. Later, I taught mothers of other children like Briana to repeat what I had done.

Many of the children improved. But I knew something was missing—–a device that would duplicate the way I balanced Briana in my hand; a device that would allow Briana to move on her own, thereby helping her to develop independent movement while strengthening her muscles and her innate ability to crawl.

To do this, I patched together a device made from various metal plates, wheels and plastic pipes, with a small harness to secure the child. After nine failed attempts, I finally had my prototype crawling device.

The rest went quickly. A mechanical engineer designed a wheeled crawler that duplicated the balancing movements of my hands, but allowed the baby to crawl on her own. And it worked! I videotaped, measured, observed and recorded babies who suffered from a variety of movement difficulties and then used the information to design the current Crawl Ahead.

Based on my experience with countless babies, I produced an assistive device that is clinically proven, practical and inexpensive. It is completely safe. It is durable, yet light, constructed with a strong aluminum frame and solid wheels. Just secure the baby in the easy harness and go! The Crawl Ahead also collapses and fits into a sturdy bag for easy transport. The maximum patient weight is 45 lbs (20.4 kg).

If you have a baby—–or a little patient—-who finds it difficult to crawl, the Crawl Ahead can get your baby from here to there. And the gift of crawling now will yield dividends for the rest of the baby’s life.

Amir Burstein, M.A., PT (Pediatrics)
Graduate of Columbia University
New York University – Physical Therapy
Forty years of experience helping handicapped children and adults.